52 Week Money Challenge

09 January 2015 - Posted by Dani neh at Friday, January 09, 2015
This is another RM Challenge..

The 52 Week Money Challenge..
At the end of the year (Exactly 52 weeks) you are able to save RM1400

Follow this schedule and you'll be playing 'kutu' with yourself in no time

The instruction is to paste this schedule on a big 'Money Jar'
The psychology of it is that you can see the money grow. 

But to make the most of it.. I would suggest that every end of month... or every end of week even... 

(Always support your Employer)

Almonds and Headache

08 January 2015 - Posted by Dani neh at Thursday, January 08, 2015
For sometime now I heard on the Radio that you can actually ease a mild headache by taking 4 Almonds.

Googling this I found out that it may be true and it may also be a myth.

But Hey its Almonds meh.. No harm trying right.

The only worry is...

Can you stop yourself from having only 4 Almonds?

I know I can't.... Ahahahaha..

Women and Multitasking

07 January 2015 - Posted by Dani neh at Wednesday, January 07, 2015
They say Women are good at multitasking compared to Men
Some say the quality of work of people who multitask are less compared to people who are focused at one thing at a time

Its in the nature of Women to multitask. 
How else do they manage to juggle work, house chores, family responsibilities: husband, children, siblings, parents, in laws, aunt, uncle, etc... maintaining relationship with people: friends, peers, neighbours, colleague, children teachers, bus driver, market people, etc... ALL at the same time.

And are ALL the efforts above result to low quality?
Mostly not.. well some might, we are only human.

Actually its not like Women have extra arms to i.e. cook and clean and handle child care while watching a Korean Drama and talking on the phone all at the same time.

I think its just that Women are able to switch between jobs quickly (switch focus) and prioritise. 
That's the Women's art of Multitasking. 

Power tak power lah kan.
Kekadang hangit jugak la apa yang dimasak tu sebab fefeeling tengok drama.. terlupe.. Ooops haha

Agree To Disagree

05 January 2015 - Posted by Dani neh at Monday, January 05, 2015
This is a handy skill for survival.

Surviving your Teachers /Lecturers. 
The people who kind of have your 'future' at their finger tips. Your Grades.

Surviving your Boss
The people who evaluates your career. Your pot of rice.

Surviving your Parents
The people who blesses your life. Its a what-comes-around-goes-around thing. Some people call it 'karma'

Surviving your Children
The people who are your investment for your future.

Surviving your Neighbours

and the list goes on.


Agree to Disagree helps you become more calm, patient, creative, helpful, a better person, happier, and people tend to like you more. As any other skill... practicing makes you better. 

Ok... How to Agree to Disagree
  1. Eat a 'humble' cake and tone down your ego.
  2. Be patient and calm.. Wooosaaaa.... Take a deep breath. (O2 stimulates the brain)
  3. Be open. Prepare to be wrong.
  4. THINK. This is the hard part to practice.
  • Analyse the person's persona, quality, likes and dislikes, background: family, education, position, what he wears, how he talks, anything.. Sales people does this type of thinking a lot.
  • Find a positive angle that you can at least agree on. Remember, you must first agree with something. Even though it is totally not related to the point that you have to Agree on.
  • Use what you know and turn it against 'em.. for your benefit.. in a good way. Sounds EVIL. After mastering this, use cautiously. Do not turn away from the light, into darkness.
  • Work your way towards highlighting your point of disagreement with the person. 
Eventually, the person might just consider that you are right too.
And sometimes, after much discussion and thinking.. you might also learn that you are wrong.. 

Win-Win situation.
No need for war. Hahah.

Cleaning actually makes you feel better

04 January 2015 - Posted by Dani neh at Sunday, January 04, 2015
When I'm mad. My toilet is shinier.
(Not saying that my toilet is always filthy)

This actually comes from a Chinese movie I watched back in college. Sorry I totally forgot the title, I can remember the lead's faces but forgot the names.. Urgh.. Ageing.

Ok, the women cleans the toilet when she is sad /stressed /angry.

Funny. But I tried it and it worked!

Back at that time the only stress was Exams and Assignments lah kan.

So when feeling overwhelmed, I go and clean the toilet.
Concentration during cleaning; distracts the brain.
The feeling of having a shiny, nice-smelling, organised toilet; accomplishment (positive feeling)

Then you are able to think properly on how to tackle the situation.

The Happy Book

03 January 2015 - Posted by Dani neh at Saturday, January 03, 2015
I haven't tried it.

It's a trick suggested by a good friend to de-stress.
Said to work wonders.

Its like this.

When facing negative situations : think about the happy ones and WRITE IT DOWN

WHY do we have to write it down? Can we just think about it?

Well.. the brain needs to be distracted on thinking of the sad, angry, uncomfortable situations that eventually breaks you.
Its a process.

First you think about it. (Happy thoughts.. Happy thoughts..)
Then you have to think on how to write it. (Thinking is a good distraction)
Then you have to really write it. (Get blown away on your handwriting.. Haha!)